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ALD AMAZE GMBH is owned by a real factory in Shenzhen, China. As a Chinese top 1 manufacturer we gets strong R&D department and larger capacity of production, also we have experience and are very professional at OEM project, to assure the case processed exactly and quickly, we have product manager and engineers worked in EU for all your vaporizer hardware OEM needs, you can talk about the case face to face, so that we can speed up the processing fast and save much time, also we have strong relationships with all industry supply chain and are able to get latest technology and best components quickly, we provide 24 hours one-stop service for customizes OEM projects.

At ALD AMAZE, honesty, simplicity, and transparency are our version. Win-Win Cooperation with our customer is our final goal. Welcome to us - where there is no best, but better and better.

The process will be like following:

1.Talk to our sales representative about which product you want to do with, which part you want to do some modification and what kind of package you want to go with.

2.Our representative will check if all your demands can be achieved and give you an estimate cost within 48 hours.

3.If everything’s good with you, then you’ll received the deadline of products & packages, you can finish your own design and send back to us.

4.After we get all your artworks, we will arrange to make some samples for you. Once finished, we will send some photos to you to confirm all the details. You can just confirm it by viewing the pictures, or if you want us to send those samples to you, that also works, but may cause some additional fees.

5.After every details confirmed, we can go to the production process. 3-4 weeks you will get your merchandise.

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